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Journey to England

Marvel at the majesty of York Minster
See for miles from the top of the London Eye
Explore the cobblestone streets of an old English town

Journey to England and explore the historical, political, and for many, the spiritual heritage where it all began.  Experience the country:  the hustle and bustle of London, the seclusion and sacredness of Lindisfarne the Holy Island, the cliffs of Dover, the World War II bombed out remains of churches and cathedrals, the castles and burials sites of the royal and the lowly, the beauty of the Cotswolds, and Evensong at a great cathedral.

We offer customized tours of England and the United Kingdom to meet your personal desires.  Each of our itineraries is different and can include spiritual, historical, cultural and fun sites and activities.  Contact us today to learn more of what makes a Worldwide Journeys tour different from the rest. 

Leeds Castle
Leeds Castle
"In this time of hype and super-heated rhetoric it is indeed a pleasant surprise to embark upon some endeavor with high expectations and have those expectations exceeded! It was more, both educationally and spiritually, than I had hoped."
The Rev. John A. Morton

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