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Explore Greece

Climb to the Top of the Acropolis
Discover Mycenae, the Home of Agamemnon
See Where Democracy Began

Explore the magnificence of a country blessed with historical, classical, biblical, and geographical importance. Paul wrote from here, the Olympic games began here, and the ancient Gods of Mythology were worshipped here.

Greece has something for everyone. Athens and the Acropolis are not to be missed. But there is more to experience in this ancient land. In Corinth, you can visit the seventh century BCE Temple of Apollo and the bema (platform) where Paul addressed the Corinthians. You can study Greek drama while visiting the best preserved ancient Greek theater at Epidaurus. You can marvel at the home of the Oracle of Delphi in Delphi. For those that love the beach, the Mediteranean cannot be beat.

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