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Here's What People Are Saying About Worldwide Journeys

On the walk up the slippery slope to the ancient Stadium in Delphi, I suddenly realized that this “monumental” climb was a metaphor for the journey of my life. And, in that moment, I was reminded of my great need for, and the value of “community.” As we traveled up the steep rocky path together, you often reached out your hands to pull me up safely to a higher level. You reached out to steady me when I stumbled. When I slowed down, you waited patiently and gave me the courage to continue the climb. You cautioned me of the need to stay with the group and of the vulnerability of traveling alone. You shared an experience with me that I would not have had were it not for you. On life’s journey, there is a time for solitude and self-discovery. But on the ancient path in that very moment, God reminded me that it’s in community that our lives are enriched and made stronger by those we encounter and share experiences with along the way.
— Vickie Haskew
Executive Assistant to the Bishop,The Episcopal Diocese of Florida
Marcus and I entrusted our care and the care of hundreds of travelers to Worldwide throughout our many years of annual pilgrimage. We began our relationship with Donna Tuten and her team in 1994. Our journeys with people from across the United States and the world were safe, successful, nourishing. Working with Worldwide was integral to the success of our pilgrimages. We are forever grateful to their personal and professional care. Through Worldwide we traveled to Israel, Israel and Jordan, Ireland, Ireland and Scotland, Greece and Turkey. With each journey we were provided every support and courtesy. Donna Tuten and her team worked with us as we varied itineraries according to their expertise and our discoveries. The hotel accommodations were first rate for our needs. The guides were exceptional. Professional, personal, educated, attuned to us as a group. Local contacts made us secure and welcome. Because of our relationship with Donna and Worldwide we knew we could offer a travel, educational, and spiritual experience that would shape and transform. To any church group or individual leaders seeking a professional partnership of integrity, care, purposefulness, and kindness, you will find such partnership with Worldwide Journeys, Donna Tuten, and her team of excellence.
— The Rev. Marianne Borg
In gratitude for being an enriching and profound part of our lives.
Reflections on Pilgrimage

I am, for all intents and purposes, hopelessly spoiled. I no longer peruse eagerly the slightly upscale travel brochures that make their way through my mail slot by virtue of a number of trips made what seems now a lifetime ago. For I have, twice, traveled on pilgrimage.

Pilgrimage, to the naked eye, resembles highly the nicer group tours: nice, well informed guides; nice bus drivers to whom one can leave the driving and, for the most part, the luggage; nice fellow travelers, some of whom have shared interests; nice accommodations; nice food; and the luxury of being, to a large extent, care free.

While traveling with a group of fellow pilgrims is much of the above, at its core it bears little resemblance. The first difference between pilgrimage and tour is purpose. Most folks go on tour to see famous places, to have a bit of adventure. For the tourist the places may be important because of their roles in history; because they are locations of great beauty; because they are well known, and well traveled folks need to check them off their “been there, done that” list. For the pilgrim a place is significant, usually, because a person—well known to the other pilgrims, but not necessarily to the general population—at one point trod there. To tread in that person’s footsteps is, for the pilgrim, a brief encounter with that person.

The pilgrim leaves home to experience a small part of that other’s home and returns to his/her own home soul-altered.

— Margaret Dallas Jackson
Thank you in advance for your hard work. We appreciate the effort you take to make each pilgrimage more kid friendly. The kids that went to Spain last summer are still talking about it, even with blisters and dehydration stories. The adults all felt that it was one of the best times they have ever had, even though the amount of walking each day was daunting, tiring and hard. The group really got to know one another better and that is surely one of the goals. It was also very cool that they met so many other focused pilgrims—even some that did not have very good things to say about Americans (great lesson about arrogance).
— Ann Meyer
Youth Leader, St. Martin in the Fields
My exposure to Turkey, the second Holy Land, through Worldwide has been the most wonderfully surprising in all of my travels. There is the obvious – Paul’s footsteps, the churches of Revelation and Council sites, but there is so much more. Turkey has many more ancient ruins than either Greece or Italy (Aphrodisius alone is worth the trip!): Istanbul is an exotic and fascinating city; the Hagia Sophia is historically and spiritually one of the wonders of the world; and finally, the people were the friendliest and most welcoming of any country I have visited. All this and I haven’t mentioned the scenery or the food!! Do yourself a favor and take a trip to Turkey. Your mind and your heart will be opened and your faith will be deepened.
— The Rev. Orion Davis
St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Sparta, NJ
We have used Worldwide three times…once to England, once to England and Scotland and once to Turkey and Greece. Our guides in England, Scotland and Greece were outstanding! Our drivers were well trained and made us feel very safe. We are looking forward to our fourth trip with Worldwide Pilgrimage Ministries, this time to Greece again including a cruise through the Greek Isles to Turkey.
— The Rev. Richard and Mrs. Sue Cobbs
Worldwide is an outstanding organization. I have traveled with them on a familiarization trip which was excellent. Things were well thought out, the accommodations were very comfortable, and the guides were knowledgeable. The pilgrimage that our church took to Southern England was well done. The accommodations were very nice, and the bus driver and the guide who went with us were very helpful. I cannot say enough about this way of travel to holy places as well as getting a feel for the country one travels to. I would feel comfortable traveling with them every time. The parishioners who traveled with me were very pleased.
— Barbara Chaffee
Christ Church, Raleigh, NC
We in the Episcopal Church may not be used to making testimonials — but I am here to say wholeheartedly that my life and Ministry has been forever changed and renewed since my first trip with Worldwide and the resulting pilgrimages I have led since with members and friends from my congregations. Your ministry to Clergy and other Church leaders is enormously important! I will do whatever I can to help you as you revitalize the ministers and people of God.
— The Rev Dr. Paul E. C. Hamilton
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, College Point, New York Adjunct Professor, Metropolitan College, New York City
Worldwide takes magnificent care of travel so you can concentrate on pilgrimage. Don’t leave home without them!
— John Dominic Crossan
Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies, DePaul University, Chicago
I experienced a renewal of my faith and a revitalization of my ministry. I apparently had no idea how discharged and spent I had become and so I had no idea how much I needed this time to touch the ground where Jesus walked.
— The Rev. James R. Seale
Thank you for your wonderful Advent pilgrimage. It was most refreshing, with innumerable moments of being touched by the Spirit. Your vision for all this is a very exciting one, and unquestionably of the Lord. I, in fact, look forward to being a partner in this work.
— The Rev. Jurgen W. Liias
I do know that grace and healing happened. This (pilgrimage) was renewing, unifying, raw and held the promise of deeper invitation. Our worship moved. What had started as brittle and stiff inside me . . . suddenly gave way to live and love.
— The Rev. John Carter
I feel I have grown intellectually, emotionally and spiritually; I have developed a deeper respect for and understanding of various cultures and have better insight into why we humans have such difficulty living peacefully together. The effects of this trip will continue to reverberate through the rest of my life.
— The Rev. Eugene Ward
I was fortunate enough to accompany Allison and others from our diocese on the pilgrimage to Israel last October. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Worldwide did a phenomenal job in organizing the trip from start to finish. Everything went very smoothly and we were advised very well by our tour guide. I would certainly recommend your pilgrimages to everyone!
— Linda A. Walley
Administrative Assistant, Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut
Because I don’t say it enough, thank you. You have made it such a pleasure to do what I need to do for my soul to be fed without spending endless hours negotiating details.
— In Christ, The Rev. Steve Wilson
Grace Episcopal Church, Carthage, MO
Everyone had a super time, very spiritual and equally exciting. The adults couldn’t say enough about the guide and bus driver. The kids are writing to both of them and the bus driver asked for a Bible in Spanish and the kids have gotten one for him that they are sending. The day with the Anglican “school” was sobering in that most of the kids there have no where else to go during the day and would not eat all day without it. Our kids really want to go back and do a mission trip with/for them. They were met by the bishop and he was the one who took them around. Our kids took some wiffle balls and bats and played with the school kids, then left the equipment with them. The school kids loved it. All in all, a wonderful experience.
— Ann S. Meyer
Director of Spiritual Formation, St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, Williamsburg, VA